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Plattsburgh man convicted of fraud

PLATTSBURGH — A Plattsburgh man was convicted Thursday of receiving almost $10,000 in workers’ compensation benefits that he wasn’t entitled to.

The Clinton County District Attorney’s Office said Robert J. Deyo, 34, was found guilty of fraudulently reporting to the New York State Insurance Fund that he was not working while he was actually employed as a contractor.As a result of his actions, Deyo collected $9,450 in benefits that he was not otherwise entitled to receive.The DA’s Office said he plead guilty to third-degree perjury, a misdemeanor, and attempt to commit a fraudulent practice on June 7.He was originally arraigned in Plattsburgh City Court last November on a felony charge of first-degree perjury.He was also cited for committing a fraudulent practice under Workers’ Compensation Law.The DA’s Office said that following his guilty plea, Deyo immediately made a $4,740 partial restitution payment to the State Insurance Fund.He was sentenced to three years probation and must also repay the outstanding $4,710 to the state, along with $750 in other fees and fine.Deyo also had to submit a DNA sample to the court. The case was prosecuted by Assistant District Attorney Katherine Kopita. Deyo was represented by Michael Phillips.